Ice Watch opens today on Bankside, outside TATE Modern, and in the City of London, outside Bloomberg’s European headquarters
11 December 2018 until the ice has melted
Follow the journey of the ice:


Video by Arte of ‘Hippolyte et Aricie’ @StaatsoperBLN is available online until 7 January. It's a great opportunity to watch it, now that the performances in Berlin have come to an end. Written by Jean-Philippe Rameau, sets/costumes designed by Olafur.…

One of several fundraising events in support of the international movement SEEBRÜCKE. Join the fun, do some good!…

TONIGHT: from 10pm at Acud Club
FUNDRAISING CLUB NIGHT featuring Nedalot, Perera Elsewhere (FoF), DJ Residue (TTT), Akmê (://about blank)

Arctic sea ice concentration for Septembers in the period 1979–2018. The visualisation was made by climate scientist professor Ed Hawkins @climatehawkins and is based on data from NSIDC, the US National Snow & Ice Data Center. More info at


The End of the 20th Century - Joseph Beuys @Tate…

.@ParisPittsburgh, a new film by @BloombergDotOrg and @RadicalMedia, premieres 12 December at 9|8pm CST. Watch on @NatGeoChannel to learn how an unprecedented number of U.S. leaders are stepping up  to  address climate change & fight for our future.

Right now outside @Tate Modern! #icewatchlondon

Film composer and interdisciplinary choral conductor, Esmeralda Conde Ruiz, will be orchestrating a sound sculpture event with the ice outside of @Tate Modern from 5:30pm to 6:30pm today. We look forward to sharing it with you, please join us! @ESMERALDAmusic #icewatchlondon

Following yesterday’s action outside Tate Modern, Studio Wayne McGregor dancers and artists from its FreeSpace programme will engage with the ice again today, outside @Bloomberg ’s London headquarters, between 12:30 and 3pm. Do stop by and enjoy! @WayneMcGregor #icewatchlondon

‘I want better metaphors. I want better stories. I want more openness. I want better questions. All these things feel like they give us tools that are a little more commensurate with the amazing possibilities and the terrible realities that we face.’ – Rebecca Solnit

Touching experience.

How A Shorter Sea Ice Season Is Changing Life In The Arctic